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Аксессуары - Pot

Артикул: 8070
Издатель: Армия России
Категория: Аксессуары

499 руб.

Подробное описание


Pot, описание:

A bowl with a capacity of 1.5 liters., A small pan with a capacity of 0.5 liters.with a folding handle. Material - painted aluminum. An indispensable thing for hikes and outdoor activities. Used for storing and carrying food, as well as for cooking it on a fire or a burner. It is a container with an oval bottom profile, concave on one side. The lid can be used as a plate or frying pan. Has an aluminum handle - a latch. The pot is equipped with a wire handle-loop for hanging and carrying. Made of food aluminum.Coating. Volume of a pot about 1,3 l Cover volume about 0.5 l Overall dimensions: 15 cm * 10 cm * 17 cm.
Издатель: Армия России

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